Are You Stuck?

There can be many signs that will tell you that you are ready for or in need of a reinvention. Many people decide to change themselves after a significant life event, such as a divorce, death in the family, a layoff or promotion, having a child, or others. Others result from a long-time nagging feeling of disappointment or unhappiness.

Most people who decide to change themselves feel unfulfilled in some way. If you are not fully present in your life, if you are continually seeking some way to feel better or happier, or if you walk through your days without much focus or aim, it’s time for a real change.

Your Job Sucks

Guess what fuels change? Consequences. Has the price (for whatever) become more than you are willing to pay? For example, is your timid or unconfident self-keeping you from doing the work you truly want? Are people who are more confident, and aggressive getting the life you want while you are kept at a shitty job living pay cheque to pay cheque? Are you sick and tired of the feelings that arise when this happens? If yes, then you are ready to make the changes needed to transform yourself and your life.

Signs That It's Time To Reinvent Myself

Ok, but doesn’t everyone go through some amount of dissatisfaction from time to time? Should I reinvent myself every time I’m a little bit unhappy? Of course not. You need to be able to look for the signs that tell you that this is a life-defining moment, not just a short-term discomfort caused by a transient event.

You Seek Out Distractions

Most people spend some amount of time doing things that distract them from the mundane chores of daily life. Surfing the internet, binge watching netflix, scrolling through social media, and playing video games are all examples of prime distraction activities in the modern age. And, there’s nothing wrong with seeking a little distraction now and then.

A sign you may be ready for a real change in life, though, is when you spend a great deal of time engaged in these types of activities. This is a sign that your life isn’t meeting your needs, and you need change.

Not sure if this is you?

For one week, track precisely how many hours you are engaged in these types of activities. Include how much of this type of disengagement happens while you are at work or when you are spending time with people who should be important in your life (like a spouse).

If you are trying to distract yourself more than 20 percent of the time, your lack of interest in your own life and daily activities is pretty high. You are interested in paying attention to your job, your spouse, or yourself. You are not being fulfilled, so you are distracting yourself from your life.

If you are always daydreaming of a better you, a better life, or a better partner, it’s time to reinvent yourself. 

If your focus is on what you want and don’t have more than on what’s right in front of you, you are ready for a change. 

You Make Unhealthy Choices

When you are unhappy or feel like Sh$%, you are much more likely to make unhealthy choices. Drinking too much alcohol (hmmm haven't we all done this!), opting to stay at home instead of exercising, eating too much, not getting proper sleep, staying up late and retreating from your social circles are all signs that you are unhappy, and change is needed.

Oh dang, I already ticked off a few of those! jejeje

I think you know best. You know when you are in a rut. Listen to your gut and trust it.

We all have bad habits that seem to creep up again and again in our lives. The times they are most likely to show up hard core and not go away, though, are those when we are at our unhappiest and most vulnerable. These behaviors represent our emotional crutches, the ones we lean on when all else has failed.

 You know, the wine we go for when our kids are doing our head in. 

When you notice these patterns creeping back into your life, staying around too long and affecting your daily life, then you know it’s time to pay attention.

You Feel Too Jealous

Are you often wishing you were your friend, family member or co-worker? Do you wish you were someone else? This is a  sign that you are upset in some way with your life and you need to make a change.

Consider what the jealousy is about. Write it down. Then consider the source of the envy. Do you really want what those people have or who they are? Pinpoint the reasons for the envy and you will understand where your reinvention should begin.

You Are Disengaged

When you notice that you are detaching from your life, spending more time plodding through than actively participating, you are ready to reinvent yourself. If you spend a lot  of your time just going through the motions or if you lost passion for significant pieces of your life, you are ripe for transformation.

Disengagement can look like a lot of things. If you live your days waiting until it’s time for bed, your week longing for the weekend, and your life biding time until your next vacation, then you are not very engaged in the here and now. You are ready to reinvent.

You Are A Procrastinator

This is a common condition for many. It causes you to be stuck and never really accomplish much. If you find yourself always putting things off, and saying tomorrow, tomorrow, tomorrow…it’s definitely time for a reinvention.

Your Priorities Have Changed

Priorities can change as you age or anytime in life. When you were younger perhaps it was more important to party, go out and have a good time. Now that you are older you may have more important things on your mind like taking care of family and planning for retirement. Or you may simply be thinking about your future and where you are headed. All of this requires a change in mindset, and action steps and so your reinvention can focus on that.

Your priorities are your own, and so you will need to decide what the details of the reinvention will be to reach your end goal.

Bad Habits

Bad habits are ideal catalysts for reinvention…

Are you a couch potato?

Do you smoke? Please say no?

Do you drink too much?

Do you find yourself mindlessly eating crap?

Perhaps a lot of the things you do are “bad for you?” Try to make a mindset shift. Is poor self-worth causing you to be self-destructive? Do you sabotage yourself often? This is an ideal reason for reinvention. To grow as a person and love yourself yields many significant benefits.

Poor Relationships

One of the best ways to figure out your own personal psychological and emotional health is to look at your  romantic partner. Are they caring, loving and supportive? Or are they the opposite? They reflect you, and what you feel you deserve. If you are you often unhappy in your relationships and feel stuck in a miserable relationship, this is a sure sign that you need a reinvention.

Breaking up with this person is typically not enough, it’s a short-term solution, a band aid. Typically, the next person you attract will be the same. In these situations, you need to work on yourself and analyze what is going on within yourself.

When you change yourself, the people you attract will change as well. Seeking the help of a trained mental health professional can be of great help in this area.

Other Signs And Reasons For Reinvention

Those who need or would benefit from reinventing themselves are likely to be depressed or anxious about their current status. They may have recently had a major or tragic event in their lives. They seem to go through the motions without really engaging in life.

They struggle to find real joy or purpose. And they are always questioning their own actions, choices, habits, and abilities. Does any of this sound like you? Are you longing for something new or ready to start living the life you’ve always wanted? Then you are ready to enjoy all the benefits of reinventing yourself.

  • You experienced a nasty breakup
  • You didn’t reach a goal you had set for yourself
  • You have things about yourself that you want to change
  • You have low self-esteem and wish to change this
  • You’re approaching a milestone birthday, whether it’s 60, 50, 21, 40 or 30
  • It may be a periodic reinvention, perhaps you want to reinvent yourself every five years
  • You may just want to explore different areas of your life and aspects of yourself
  • You want to grow as a person
  • You want to elevate some part of yourself, be it psychological, spiritual or emotional or mental
  • You want to develop healthier behavior patterns
  • You feel as though you’re stuck in a rut
  • You’ve been treading water in life for too long and you’re ready to make a change
  • It’s time for a comeback, like a phoenix rising from the flame

So if you have decided you want to reinvent yourself, next we will talk about 35 Ways To Reinvent Yourself.