DigiTEFL Now Recruiting for First Future Online Group English Classes. 

One of the main issues DigiTELF (who offer courses for English teachers to up-skill) stopped recruiting for First Future was because their client schools were starting to use robot technology for 1-on-1 lessons. This drastically reduced their need for human teachers. However, First Future  made another pivot and decided to focus on delivering live broadcast English lessons to Chinese classrooms.

Successful teachers will be teaching groups of around 20 students in a virtual classroom (VC), which is broadcast on a big screen at the school. To gain a clearer idea of this type of work, please watch the video below about First Future where you'll find a video of the new style of Group classes.


  • South African and non-native English-speaking teachers are welcome to apply - however a neutral accent is a strict requirement
  • Both a full degree and TEFL certificate are required - this is now an official requirement of the Chinese Ministry of Education
  • This style of teaching requires lots of energy - you need to come across as very lively, friendly and engaging on camera 
  • Pay is $23/hour on average

If you meet the minimum requirements, follow gather the following documents and send to first future.

1) completed CV [MUST USE THIS CV TEMPLATE (download template here)]
2) a 30 – 40 second video introduction
3) scan of your degree
4) scan of your TEFL certificate
5) scan of your passport photo page, and 
6) a screenshot of your results from speedtest.net.
Please send these 6 items together in a single email to: