Earn Money from Your Laptop. Isn’t that the Dream? 

You're sitting at home wondering what you can do to feel fulfilled and work online. 
You hear about this ‘English teaching thing’ and remember you used to teach, you might even have a TEFL or TESOL if you can rustle it up, or you’re working way too many hours in childcare and want more flexibility in your life. You fleetingly remember you haven’t really used that Bachelor Degree in Arts for anything before and finally it might come in handy.

You do a quick google search and the information is rather overwhelming. Who do you choose? What’s it like? Can you even do this? Will you like it? Then you might do a quick calculation of the pay rate of US$20-24 hour.

Hmmm not bad?

Teaching English Online to Kids in China is a Big Industry

China with its bustling cities and growing population of over 1.3 billion people mean that learning English is a vital language for children to master if they want to get into international markets, travel or study overseas.

The children are the most delightful kids and the most perfect students you could ever want to teach. They are studious, focused, respectful and attentive. I would be lying if I told you, this is what teaching at Whales means for me. The kids are always great. No matter which company you work for.

Whales English Teachers Will Make You Love Your Job

From the get-go Whales English teachers are there. Smiling. Passionate. Connected. 

Whales English teachers are committed to excellence, are highly educated and experienced (or are committed to becoming so). They treat their role seriously and offer continuous opportunities for learning and growth. 

That’s what stands out for me. Would you like me to mention everything else which is A M A Z I N G…? 

Ok cool. 

Let’s break it down to the top 5 things:

  1. They pay in US$, not Chinese Yuan (which can fluctuate)
  2. You get paid for a 50min class with 10 min break in between (the best conditions to work in as you can really go deep with students and you also have a big enough break to check on your own kids, have a drink etc)
  3. There are opportunities to get involved and be part of the bigger family eg. I make some videos for the Chinese version of Tiktok, I am writing this article.
  4. They have random class evaluations and provide well thought out constructive feedback that is very useful for improving.
  5. The platform is fantastic (you can log on early and have your camera shut off with a click of a button removing the need for sliding camera covers)

Do you have what it takes to teach English online?

But Being a Whales English Teacher is NOT for Everyone

It’s NOT for you if:

  • you want to travel with unreliable internet
  • have a habit of being late or intend to call in sick often
  • lack patience and compassion
  • are not willing to grow or receive constructive feedback or
  • if you don’t like using facial expressions and body movements to reinforce a point.

Whales English are One of the BEST Companies

You’ll find a sense of community and respect within a fun and vibrant teacher community. To see if you have what it takes to be an English teacher watch this video.

What Whales English means for me can be summed up in one word...